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What is this? #

This is a companion repo to the main Flutter repo. It contains the source code for a suite of performance tools for Dart and Flutter. All of the core app logic is in /packages/devtools_app with package:devtools serving as just a container to publish precompiled versions of the application for easy use with pub global activate.

Getting started #

For documentation on installing and trying out DevTools, please see our docs.

Feedback #

Feedback and issues are best reported at Thanks for trying out DevTools!

Terms and Privacy #

By using Dart DevTools, you agree to the Google Terms of Service.

0.2.4 #

  • Update package:vm_service dependency to ^4.0.0

0.2.3 2020-03-03 #

  • Disable Q1 DevTools survey - postponing until Q2 #1695
  • Fix async timeline event rendering bug #1690
  • Update package:vm_service dependency to ^3.0.0 #1696

0.2.2 2020-02-28 #

  • Remove cpu profiling timeout [#1683]((
  • Prep for Q1 DevTools survey #1574
  • Use ExtentDelegateListView for flame chart rows #1676
  • Make the layout explorer more null safe #1681
  • Store survey data by quarter tags #1660
  • Don't check for debugDidSendFirstFrameEvent when adding service extensions for Dart VM apps #1670
  • Restructure HTTP code for shared use with Timeline and check http logging availability #1668
  • Debugger file picker #1652
  • Port CPU bottom up table to Flutter #1659
  • Add extent_delegate_list supporting fast lists where each element has a known custom extent #1646
  • Workaround VM Regression where first heap sample's rss value is null #1662
  • Remove the dependency on package:recase #1656
  • Polish SafeAccess extension methods to use getters and support Iterable #1647
  • Updated mp_chart to 0.1.7 #1654
  • Introduce a view for showing the source of a script in Flutter with the monospaced font #1649
  • Load imported timeline files #1644
  • Introduce an interface for the notification service for use in controller logic #1645
  • Fix null error in timeline page #1641
  • Stop disposing Notifications and Controllers from import_export #1640
  • Remove dependency on package:flutter_widgets #1636
  • Created CLI to write Flutter application memory profile statistics to a JSON file #1628
  • Improve the error reporting on connection issues #1635
  • Add import / export functionality and support drag-and-drop #1631
  • Fix timeline bug throwing error for empty recording #1630
  • Make the rollback help text consistent with the other commands #1634
  • Introduce a rollback command that pulls an old devtools build and preps it for release #1617
  • Add zoomable timeline grid and timestamps to flame chart #1624
  • Use registerServiceExtension method instead of eval directly in layout explorer #1531
  • Factor zoom level into flame chart node selection logic #1623
  • Update to support devtools_server #1622
  • Flame chart zoom and navigation with WASD keys #1611
  • Updated to use package:devtools_shared #1620)
  • Initial devtools_shared package #1619
  • Remove --trace-systrace flag from MacOs and Linux configs #1614

0.1.15 2020-02-07 #

  • Fix a stack overflow error that was caused by a change in Dart's RTI implementation #1615.
  • Hide annotations that Flutter re-exports #1606
  • Update package:devtools_server dependency to 0.1.13 or newer #1603
  • Update package:sse dependency to 3.1.2 or newer #1601

0.1.14 2020-02-03 #

  • Added collecting of Android Debug Bridge (adb) Java memory information see PR.
  • Added multiple charts to memory profiling (Dart VM and Java memory).
  • Added display interval e.g., 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes for memory charts.
  • More succinct memory detail marker (pop-up) for data points of a particular timestamp.
  • Graceful resize buttons and drop-downs in memory profile for narrower windows.
  • Updated exported JSON format both Dart VM and ADB memory information.
  • Added timeline slider, to memory profile, for temporal navigation in charts.
  • Added ‘Clear’ button, to memory profile, throws away all collected live data.
  • Fix a number of charting bugs NaN, INF problems, axis scales, etc.
  • Support saving and loading memory profile data.
  • Add Track Widget Builds toggle to Timeline.
  • Fix issues with async trace event rendering in Timeline.
  • Add timing and id information in Timeline event summary.
  • Improve hint text on connect screen.
  • Update package:vm_service dependency to ^2.2.0.

0.1.13 - 2019-12-10 #

  • Fix crash opening macOS desktop apps in DevTools.
  • Enable layout explorer.
  • Hide legacy page content in the flutter version of DevTools.
  • Fix offline import bug in Timeline.
  • Use published version of mp_chart package.

0.1.12 - 2019-12-06 #

  • Enable testing the alpha version of DevTools written in Flutter. Click the "beaker" icon in the upper-right to launch DevTools in Flutter.
  • Fix a regression that showed an inaccurate error on the connect screen.
  • Fix bug causing async events with the same name to overlap each other in the Timeline.
  • Include previously omitted args in Timeline event summary.
  • Include "connected events" in the Timeline event summary, which are created via the dart:developer TimelineTask api.
  • Reset debugger search bar on hot reload.
  • Check for a debug service extension instead of using eval to distinguish between debug and profile builds.
  • Depend on the latest package:sse.

0.1.11 - 2019-11-08 #

  • Add full timeline mode with support for async and recorded tracing.
  • Add event summary section that shows metadata for non-ui events on the Timeline page.
  • Enable full timeline for Dart CLI applications.
  • Fix a message manager bug.
  • Fix a bug with processing CPU profile responses.
  • Reduce race conditions in integration tests.

0.1.10 - 2019-10-18 #

  • Change wording of DevTools survey prompt.

0.1.9 - 2019-10-17 #

  • Launched the Q3 DevTools Survey.
  • Bug fixes related to layouts and logging.
  • Update to use latest devtools_server 0.1.12.
  • Remove usage of browser LocalStorage, previously used to store the user's answer to collect or not collect Analytics.
  • Analytic's properties (firstRun, enabled) are now stored in local file ~/.devtools controlled by the devtools_server.
  • Now devtools_app will request and set property values, in ~/.devtools, via HTTP requests to the devtools_server.
  • Store survey properties on whether the user has answered or dismissed a survey in the ~/.devtools file too.

0.1.8 - 2019-10-01 #

  • Query a flutter isolate for the target frame rate (e.g. 60FPS vs 120FPS). Respect this value in the Timeline.
  • Polish import / export flow for Timeline.
  • Depend on latest package:devtools_server.

0.1.7 - 2019-09-09 #

  • Fix bug with profile mode detection.
  • Enable expand all / collapse to selected functionality in the inspector (available in Flutter versions 1.10.1 or later).
  • Fix analytics bug for apps running in profile mode.
  • Fix bug in memory experiment handling.
  • Hide Dart VM flags when the connected app is not running on the Dart VM (web apps).
  • Former "Settings" screen is now the "Info" screen - updated icon accordingly.
  • Various CSS fixes.
  • Code health improvements.

0.1.6 - 2019-09-04 #

  • Add a page to show Flutter version and Dart VM flags details.
  • Add settings dialog to memory page that supports filtering snapshots and enabling experiments.
  • Various css fixes.
  • CSS polish for cursors, hover, and misc.
  • Use frame time in CPU profile unavailable message.
  • Fixes to our splitter control.
  • Rev to the latest version of package:vm_service.
  • Remove the dependency on package:mockito.
  • Remove the dependency on package:rxdart.
  • Support sse and sses schemes for connection with a running app.
  • Address an npe in the memory page.
  • Polish button collapsing for small screen widths.
  • Adjust some of the logging flutter.error presentation.
  • Fix thread name bug.
  • Support Ansi color codes in logging views.
  • Add keyboard navigation to the inspector tree view.
  • Enable structured errors by default.
  • Fix NPE in the Debugger.
  • Improve testing on Windows.

0.1.5 - 2019-08-05 #

  • Support expanding or collapsing all values in the Call Tree and Bottom Up views (parts of the CPU profiler).
  • Support touchscreen scrolling and selection in flame charts.
  • Display structured error messages in the Logging view when "show structured errors" is enabled.
  • Search and filter dialogs are now case-insensitive.
  • Link to Dart DevTools documentation from connect screen.
  • Disable unsupported DevTools pages for Dart web apps.
  • Debugger dark mode improvements.

0.1.4 - 2019-07-19 #

  • Add Performance page. This has a traditional CPU profiler for Dart applications.
  • Add ability to specify the profile granularity for the CPU profiler.
  • Bug fixes for DevTools tables, memory page, and cpu profiler.

0.1.3 - 2019-07-11 #

  • Link to new hosted DevTools documentation.
  • Inspector UI improvements.

0.1.2 - 2019-07-01 #

  • Add Call Tree and Bottom Up views to CPU profiler.
  • Pre-fetch CPU profiles so that we have profiling information for every frame in the timeline.
  • Trim Mixins from class name reporting in the CPU profiler.
  • Add searching for a particular class from all active classes in a Snapshot. After a snapshot, use the search button, located to left of snapshot button (or the shortcut CTRL+f ), to find and select the class in the classes list.
  • Add ability to find which class and field hold a reference to the current instance. Hovering on an instance's allocation icon (right-most side of the instance). Clicking on a class/field entry in the hover card will locate that particular class instance that has a reference to the original instance being hovered.
  • Expose hover card navigation via a memory navigation history areas (group of links below the classes/instances lists).
  • Allow DevTools feedback to be submitted when DevTools is not connected to an app.
  • Support URL encoded urls in the connection dialog.
  • Add error handling for analytics.
  • Cleanup warning message presentation.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

0.1.1 - 2019-05-30 #

  • Make timeline snapshot format compatible with trace viewers such as chrome://tracing.
  • Add ability to import timeline snapshots via drag-and-drop.
  • Memory instance viewer handles all InstanceKind lists.
  • CPU profiler bug fixes and improvements.

0.1.0 - 2019-05-02 #

  • Expose functionality to export timeline trace and CPU profiles.
  • Add "Clear" button to the timeline page.
  • CPU profiler bug fixes and improvements.
  • Inspector polish bug fixes. Handle very deep inspector trees and only show expand-collapse arrows on tree nodes where needed.
  • Fix case where error messages remained on the startup screen after the error had been fixed.
  • Add ability to inspect an instance of a memory object in the memory profiler page after a snapshot of active memory objects.
  • First time DevTools is launched, prompt with an opt-in dialog to report DevTools usage statistics and crash reports of DevTools to Google.

0.0.19 - 2019-05-01 #

  • Update DevTools server to better handle failures when launching browsers.
  • Support additional formats for VM service uris.
  • Link to documentation from --track-widget-creation warning in the Inspector.

0.0.18 - 2019-04-30 #

  • Fix release bug (0.0.17-dev.1 did not include build folder).
  • Add CPU profiler (preview) to timeline page.
  • CPU flame chart UI improvements and bug fixes.
  • Bug fixes for DevTools on Windows.
  • DevTools server released with support for launching DevTools in Chrome.
  • Dark mode improvements.

0.0.16 - 2019-04-17 #

  • Reduce the minimum Dart SDK requirements for activating DevTools to cover Flutter v1.2.1 (Dart v2.1)

0.0.15 - 2019-04-16 #

  • Warn users when they should be using a profile build of their application instead of a debug build.
  • Warn users using Microsoft browsers (IE and Edge) that they should be using Chrome to run DevTools.
  • Dark mode improvements.
  • Open scripts in the debugger using ctrl + o.

0.0.14 - 2019-03-26 #

  • Dark mode is ready to use, add &theme=dark at the end of the URI used to open the DevTool in Chrome. We look forward to your feedback.
  • Added event timeline to memory profiler to track DevTool's Snapshot and Reset events.
  • Timeline CPU renamed to UI, janky defined as UI duration + GPU duration > 16 ms.
  • Timeline frame chart removed 8 ms highwater line, only 16 ms highwater line, display 2 traces ui/gpu (instead of 4). Janky frames will have a red glow.
  • Flame chart colors use a different set of palettes and timeline is sticky.
  • Warn users when they are using an unsupported browser.
  • Properly disable features that aren't supported for the connected application.
  • Fix screens for different widths.

0.0.13 - 2019-03-15 #

  • Dark mode, still being polished, is available. Add &theme=dark at the end of URI used to open DevTools in the Chrome browser.

Memory #

  • Added showing GCs on the timeline and leak detection.

Timeline #

  • Fix bugs when events were received out of order.

0.0.1 #

  • initial (pre-release) release

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Package Constraint Resolved Available
Direct dependencies
Dart SDK >=2.3.0 <3.0.0
devtools_server 0.2.4-dev.1 0.2.4-dev.1 0.2.4-dev.3
devtools_shared 0.2.4-dev.1 0.2.4-dev.1 0.2.4-dev.3
http ^0.12.0+1 0.12.1
intl ^0.16.0 0.16.1
Transitive dependencies
args 1.6.0
async 2.4.1
browser_launcher 0.1.5
charcode 1.1.3
collection 1.14.12
convert 2.1.1
crypto 2.1.4
http_multi_server 2.2.0
http_parser 3.1.4
logging 0.11.4
meta 1.1.8
mime 0.9.6+3
path 1.7.0
pedantic 1.9.0
shelf 0.7.5
shelf_static 0.2.8
source_span 1.7.0
sse 3.5.0
stack_trace 1.9.3
stream_channel 2.0.0
string_scanner 1.0.5
term_glyph 1.1.0
typed_data 1.1.6
usage 3.4.1
uuid 2.0.4
vm_service 4.0.2
webkit_inspection_protocol 0.5.2