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An ASN.1 Parser for Dart.

Encodes & decodes ASN1 using BER encoding.

There is just enough implementation here to get an LDAP client library working.


 var s = new ASN1Sequence();
s.add( new ASN1Integer(23));
s.add( new ASN1OctetString('This is a test'));
s.add( new ASN1Boolean(true));

// GET the BER Stream
var bytes = s.encodedBytes;

// decode
var p = new ASN1Parser(bytes);
var s2 = p.nextObject();
// s2 is a sequence...

Changes #

Remove obsolete crypto dependency in tests.

Added PrintableString and UTC Time elements

Changes to support RSA Private key : PEM file

Add import "package:bignum/bignum.dart"; in asn1lib.dart

Add ASN1ObjectIdentifier class

Add OBJECT_IDENTIFIER in asn1constants.dart

Modify ASN1Parser._doPrimitive to take OBJECT_IDENTIFIER and NULL_TYPE into account

Modify ASN1Null add contructor ASN1Null.fromBytes

Modify ASN1Integer to support BigInteger

Modify asn1element_test.dart to test BigInteger case, and rsa private key test

Add test/resource folder to store rsa key for testing

Changes to support RSA public key : PEM file

Add ASN1BitString class : not sure how to handle bitstring when unused bits is not zero

Add BIT_STRING_TYPE in asn1constants.dart

Modify ASN1Parser._doPrimitive to take BIT_STRING_TYPE into account

Modify asn1element_test.dart to test rsa public key

Changelog #

0.4.2 #

  • Added contentBytes() getter
  • Removed Int64List dependency and use bignum's BigInteger instead

0.4.3 #

  • Updates for dart 2

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  asn1lib: ^0.4.3

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with pub:

$ pub get

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3. Import it

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:asn1lib/asn1lib.dart';
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